Live (101)
This is the first of our 4 core discipleship classes and focuses on what it means to live in Christ.  We discuss the Gospel, baptism, living as part of the Church, and some particulars about our church.  This class provides an opportunity for you to become a member of Heart of the Canyons Church.



Obey (201)
Jesus said, "Take up your cross daily and follow me."  Jesus Christ wants to be more than just your Savior... he wants to be your Lord.  This class focuses on how to follow Christ... how do I know what to do?  We look at how to understand, study and apply the Bible, which includes joining a small group.

NEXT CLASS: July 8, at 10am at the South Campus in Room #1.  Breakfast and childcare provided if you register.


Volunteer (301)

The third of our 4 core discipleship classes focuses on extending your internal commitment to Christ into an external display of love and support for others.  We look at how God has uniquely crafted you to serve others through your spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and your past.  Then we recommend a couple ministries for you to try.

NEXT CLASS: July 30, at 1pm at the South Campus in Room #1.  Lunch and childcare provided if you register.


Evangelize (401)

Our fourth and final core discipleship class equips and encourages you to share the Gospel with people you know and people you bump into.  We talk about how evangelism is simple and pressure-free because it's an exercise in faithfulness, not fruitfulness. 



Always Evolving...

From the moment you surrender your life to Jesus Christ and accept his free gift of salvation, you are supposed to be growing in Christ.  The Apostle Paul says new believers need spiritual milk, but even from the beginning we're in the process of growing and maturing, and that's a process that never ends.

At Heart of the Canyons Church we have five goals for mature believers:

1. You are spending time in the Bible.

2. You are sharing the Gospel.

3. You are giving cheerfully.

4. You are serving in your strengths.

5. You are relationally connected in the church.

Toward those goals, we provide a repeating series of 4 core discipleship classes that promote significant steps in Christian maturity.  We call them our Christian Evolution Classes because we are growing and changing into the image of Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 3:18).  And because your growth in Christ is unending, once you take a core class we offer follow-up classes that will challenge you to dig deeper into related issues.