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The HOTC Missions Team is responsible for maintaining a commitment to local and foreign missions.  They oversee the missions budget, choose missional opportunities, and keep the church excited about what God is doing around the world!

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Missionaries to Hawaii:
Mark & Mhia Krogstad

Update: February 2017

Aloha Heart of the Canyons,

We are very humbled to be under an umbrella of prayers by you all.  It feels like miracles are happening every day.  We want to say thank you with a full heart, that we understand now the longing of Paul's heart to his fellow believers all scattered abroad when he was out preaching to the Gentiles.  We pray that this update will encourage and edify your spirit towards a deeper understanding of faith in the Lord Jesus. 

A while back we asked for your prayers for a few particular people and here is what's happening:

-Brooke moved to Florida and will be coming back to Hawaii in March.  Mhia got a text from her saying that she really wants to have a PRAYER night at our apartment!  It came out of nowhere!  The planted seed and prayers can do miracles by the Holy Spirit.

-Philip & Lisa are talking more about the Lord now.  And even though we don't see them very much, they have expressed immense gratitude towards Mhia as they walk to say "Hi" to her at Starbucks every day that she works.

-Anghilito is getting stronger and yet is being spiritually attacked, more and more.  He has been going psychiatric clinics off and on and tells us at The Shelter of Wisdom that he wants to stop disobeying God.

-Nathan is growing to be more of a man of God.

-Steven is doing a wonderful job staying focused on Jesus.

Mhia and I are growing very quick in the new things He has for us.  This year has been a very deep and powerful time and the joy of the Lord and the joy we are experiencing as a couple is simply amazing.

I wanted to share 2 stories with you and then ask for prayer on specifics:

1)  God has been doing much at the Shelter of Wisdom and the opportunities are endless there.  So many men there are lacking in basic Biblical knowledge and understanding.  I have had the privilege of speaking at a Bible Study and co-leading a prayer ministry.  I am currently working on finding a place for us at the SOW to use as a small home gym.  I love meeting and hanging out with guys all the time there.  Since SOW is a transitional type of housing, I see men for a couple of months, then they get into a rent subsidy program.  So new men are always coming in.  I have been doing a lot, but it's all paying off - seeds are being planted every day.
2)  Where we are living happens to be next to a long road that I can park on for free.  (Parking at our place is $200/month...)  So every night I have to search for parking on this long road that is full of parked cars.  Sometimes it takes me up to 1 hour just to find parking.  But every week (sometimes multiple times per week) I find someone who I get to share the Gospel with.  There was a specific time not too long ago, I found an older lady who was walking very awkwardly and bent over.  She said her hip really hurt because she had fallen down.  The Lord moved me to have compassion on her and I said very gently if I could pray that Jesus would heal her.  She said she believes He can, and I prayed for her hip and she slowly stared to straighten up!  I looked at her and she looked at me, both smiling I asked if it hurt anymore.  She said that it did a little, so I prayed again.  Then she said there was no more pain.  I was so happy and she was so thankful.  I asked her where she lived and she lived about a half a mile away.  So I walked with her and she started to even walk faster than me!  It was such a powerful moment of God healing someone that I will never forget. 

As we continue to do His work here in Hawaii, we have new and exciting requests for prayer.  We would love for you to be apart of our time here as our prayer warriors in lifting up the following requests to the Lord: (continued in next block >>)

Israel Missions Trip 2017

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Navajo Reservation Mission Trip 2017

July 22-29; to New Mexico (near Bisti Badlands)

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Local Mission Organizations that We Support

Help the Children
Food Donations, Money Donations, and Volunteers Needed!
Contact: Nita Thomas, 661-702-8852

Brandon Chandler Foundation

Triumph Foundation
Contact: Andrew Skinner, 661-803-3700;

SCV Pregnancy Center
There are many different volunteer opportunities available (development team, housekeeping, reception, clerical support, case management, as well as licensed RN, LVN, or CNA volunteers are needed).  All training is provided!
Contact: The Church Office, 661-255-7246

Jake's Way Community Outreach
We are always looking for volunteers to hang out with kids on Wednesday Nights from 5pm-6:30pm.
Contact:  The Church Office, 661-255-7246

(Mark and Mhia Update Continued...)

-That Anghilito will stop listening to the demons and start listening to the Holy Spirit. 
-That Mhia will continue shining bright at Starbucks.  She has been called a "Beacon of Light" there multiple times and people look up to her for her faith.  Pray also that Mhia can find an administrative role at the SOW.
-Pray that we can fulfill and grow in our marital roles as husband and wife, obeying the Word of God.
-That each and every man we come into contact with at the shelter will be transformed into the likeness of Christ.
-That Shelter of Wisdom would be able to open up a home for women.
-Pray for Carolina, the director of SOW, that she will continue to grow in the Lord.
-For Sai (Carolina's son) and his wife, as they transition into leadership at SOW.
-Pray for Steven and his girlfriend, Nicole, that they would also find a strong role in the SOW.

These are the most important prayer requests we have.  There are a lot more but we know and understand that the Lord is moving greatly beyond what we ask or think.  After all, He knows what we need even before we ask.

Thanks again HOTC!  We are full of thankfulness and we are so happy we can count on you to pray for our time here.  Mhia and I are very blessed to have such power backing us up because of your love through Jesus Christ. Amen.